Mala - The Carnelian - Color

Light By Debra Skyler

$ 500.00
Mala - The Carnelian - Color
Carnelian Mala is a simple effective meditation tool. It can help reduce stress and enhance wisdom, patience and health. Mala means garland of flowers. Each bead is a flower opening. Strung on a silk thread, with either 108, 54 or 27 beads. The larger center bead is called the Guru bead from which the tassel hangs. The tassel represents the lotus feet of the Guru of 10 thousand lotus petal opening also known as the Crown Chakra.

*DISCLAIMER: Representative mala. To be worn and cared for as fine jewelry. Not to be used as meditation tool.
The Carnelian Mala N82v-Color
5mm Carnelian Bead on Yellow Hand Knotted Silk 35" long Necklace 1 1/4" long Vermeil (Gold over Silver) Tassel 3/8" wide Vermeil Bead

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