Shema Oxidized Sterling Silver

Light By Debra Skyler

$ 115.00
Shema Oxidized Sterling Silver
16” Saturn Oxidized Sterling Silver Chain with Tail
3/4" Shema Pendant N409OXS 

A declaration in Jewish prayer that affirms the Oneness of G-d and thus the synergy/unity of all Existence. The verse uses two different Divine Names, the first of which is an ineffable mystery that suggests the Divine Attribute of mercy or Harmony and the second suggesting Supreme Awesomeness. The opening words of the declaration are "Hear O Israel" since hearing causes a transcendental sensory experience during which the vibrations of sound waves traverse outside space and results in internal resonance. Hearing also requires greater internal focus to decipher sound and listen deeply to the Divine whispering inside ourselves.
Oxidized Sterling Silver Shema Necklace

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