Ten Sefirot Vermeil with White Sapphires

Light By Debra Skyler

$ 502.00
Ten Sefirot Vermeil with White Sapphires
30” Silver Plated Gold Ball Chain
2 1/8" x 7/8" Ten Sefirot Silver Plated Gold
10 Hand Set White Sapphires

The Ten Sefirot
These are the ten emanations or attributes of G-d. They serve as the genetic code of creation through which the Divine Source is manifest, like white light passing through a prism and dispersing into a spectrum of color. The Sefirot are Keter, meaning "Crown/Divine Will," Chochma- "Wisdom", Binah,-"Understanding," Chessed- "Loving-Kindness," Gevurah- "Power" or "Restraint", Tiferret- "Beauty/Compassion/Harmony," Netzach "Victory/Dominance," Hod- "Submission/Gratitude," Yesod- "Foundation," and Shechina- "Divine Presence." The 10 Sefirot are aligned in 3 solum's that balance each other both vertically and horizontally and correspond to the parts of the body. The word Sefirah is related to the verb leaper, which means to "express" or "communicate." this implies that the function of a Sefirah is to express a certain attribute. It is also related to the work "sapphire" (sapir). A sapphire is a gemstone that is brilliant and illuminating, implying that the function of a Sefirah is to give Light. As humans made in the Dvine Image, we embody the Sefirot and thus have two basic functions: one as lights or luminaries that serve to reveal and express the Divine Unity, and another as Vessels that limit and define the Light so that specific qualities are manifest.
N888VS Ten Sefirot w/ White Sapphires and Ball Chain

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