Mala Star Tetrahedron Facet Onyx w Brass Plated Gold

Light By Debra Skyler

$ 220.00
Mala Star Tetrahedron Facet Onyx w Brass Plated Gold
30" Facet Onyx Beaded Mala
3/4' Brass Plated Gold Star Tetrahedron

Star Tetrahedron
Upward-facing tetrahedron representing male, fire, and blade. Downward-pointing tetrahedron, representing female water and chalice. Together they are interlocking, interpenetrating dynamic balance, and expanded awareness. The shape is one of the primary geometries contained in the energy fields surrounding your body. When activated, it forms a time-space vehicle of ascension. The mer (LIGHT), ka (SPIRIT), ba (BODY) union is a sacred one that responds directly to emotion. In wearing this symbol you are connecting with aspects of your being that stretch far beyond your everyday life and promise to put you in touch with your Higher Self and universal wisdom. You are becoming a seeker of true knowledge. Sacred Geometry is about shifting individual and planetary consciousness from duality consciousness to unity consciousness, which is love, compassion and heart connection.

Mala is a simple effective meditation tool. It can help reduce stress and enhance wisdom, patience, and health. Mala means garland of flowers. Each bead is a flower opening. Strung on a silk thread, with either 108, 54, or 27 beads.
Star Tetrahedron Mala Facet Onyx w Brass Plated Gold

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